Thursday, March 6, 2008

Lethargy, cell phone, ring tones et al.....

Zzzz...Zzzz...Zzzz....feeling very sleepy today, don'y know why!!! Feeling lethargic.....may be the ascent of summer in the horizon is the cuplrit. A colleague got married last night, so half the people in office turned up by mid day today. Lost my phone two days back, I was going to the market to meet some friends. When I got out of office had the phone with me, probably dropped it while I was getting in the rickshaw....pocket trouble you see. No there was no hole in it, but sometimes things just drop from the pocket of that particular trouser.

After I reached the market, about 5 mins from my office....put a hand in my pocket and its gone!!! The first few moments I did not know what to do, couldn't go back to office, couldn't call up anybody.....felt utterly lost and alone without my phone. Had a haunch that my friends will be in the pastry shop, so just headed in that direction and fortunately found them there. Next, called up the customer care guys and told them to block my number and dispatch a new SIM card. This just made me wonder how dependent we have become on our cellphones.
It was not very long ago that all of us used to know phone numbers by heart...well there were actually very few numbers for us to remember.

Today the scene is completely different, just show me 1 person who does not have a cell phone.....anybody and everybody has it. Back in my hometown cell phones were not actually a fad say about 2 years ago. Trust me I did not know anything about operating one and had very limited knowledge about its functions. Of course I knew you could make and receive call with it from anywhere....but thats about it.

When I was first coming to Delhi I got in touch with a friend through email and she asked me to come over to her place and stay for sometimes. Most of the communication was done via emails and she gave me her phone number as well. She knew the dates when I would be travelling, but had asked me to call her when I was starting from there. So, decided to call her up.....and when I dialed her number instead of the traditional sound of a phone ring, all I got to hear hear was the song Purani Jeans aur first thoughts were, there was some kind of cross connection and my call had reached some other place, so disconnected immediately!!!

Tried to call again...still the same result and this happened for about 3-4 times. So not knowing what else to do, just thought will go ahead with my trip. She knew about the dates, so my guess was she will be there to receive me. Throughout the journey I was worried if I could not find her..... had some other numbers as if I am in any trouble, I can easily call up some other friend. Finally, when I landed in Delhi, tried calling her again and this time decided to actually find out who picks up the call. She did pick up the call and it was then I realized that the song Purani Jeans was not due to any cross connection or something, it was the ringtone!!!

So much for my lack of knowledge about cell phones, caller tunes and ring tones!!! Got a new phone today , got back contacts of people who matter to me......but let me tell you 2 days without a phone seemed like never ending. How things have changed with mobile phones and other much I have changed from the time I landed in Delhi till now.... I have all the important contacts now with me saved in a Google document, will get a ring tone soon and probably a dial tone as well....everything is indeed changing!!!! Ezra Pound said 'there is no reason why the same man should like the same books at eighteen and forty-eight'. Change is after all the only constant thing in life.....