Sunday, January 3, 2016

From Maa's garden...

During a recent visit to my parents house, Maa collected these fresh produce from her garden.

Lemon :- fresh lemon juice for breakfast

Banana Flower - Known as thur in my native, it was cooked with raw papaya, a fistful of daal and dry fish

Curry Patta - used as a tempering in a few dishes cooked that day

Tender Banana Stem - sliced thinly, it was cooked with chicken skin

Raw Banana - was combined with other vegetables to make a medly

Henna Leaves - also known as Mehendi, I made a paste and applied on my hair

By the end of the day it was a happy me :)

Friday, January 1, 2016

Turning back

1st of January is not exactly the time to turn back, but I have decided to do it. Been ages since I dropped to my own page and now that I have finally done it, it feels terrific. I can come up with a long list of reasons why I have not been active on my page, but the fact is that I am solely responsible for this. I let those numerous reasons stop me but now I have decided to make a move. I don't know how long this love and hate relationship will continue but I am not giving up without a fight (try).

Also 2015 has been a cruel year, but I am still standing tall. Here is wishing to better and happier tidings for everyone in 2016. I am confident this turning back (co-incidentally) on 1st January to my page is leading towards something really big and great. I just have to stick around long enough to find out what it is. Cheers!!