Friday, November 28, 2008

Country under siege!!!

I don't know what I am feeling at this point of time......I have become has been 2 days now to this madness! I felt so ashamed to see the CM on television channels claiming that about 20 terrorists came on speedboats and entered the city.....what was the Government doing?? What kind of security measures do they have in place for people like us, where do we go, whom do we turn to for support? As a layman all I understand is they have been elected by people like us and we pay taxes to them.....the least we can expect from them is to to be secured and move around freely!

It is time for all of us to wake up.....after every terrorist attack be it in Delhi, Mumbai, Guwahati, Gujarat or any other part of the country all I had heard and have been hearing is the so called 'Resilient' spirit of the people. I have never understood this resilience and have no intention of understanding it! How long will people ignore all this....till it strikes close home, till someone we know or love is a victim? I don't know if this post is making any sense.....honestly I don't even care, I am just putting down whatever is coming to my mind!!!

I have always refrained from from making general statement about people......but now I think I can safely say that all politicians are a 'bunch of losers' who have no morals! All they want is them to come up with an ad the next day blaming the other party for all that is happening!! I just can't understand that how can a group of 20 odd people kill, injure or take over 500 people can they hold an entire city to ransom? Any person walking down the road knows that situations are not ideal this days and the so called professionals claim that they did not have intelligence information about terrorists attacks on Mumbai.....what kind of information are they looking for....someone calling them up up and telling them 'hello...we are going to attack this place at this time?'...@#$%@#$ this the intelligence they are waiting for??

I have so many things to say.....but I just can't find the words to put here......It pains me, makes me angry, makes me sad, make me feel frustrated, helpless and makes me very very scared..... How long will this madness go on, is there no end in sight???

Monday, November 3, 2008

Lessons from my debut!!

It has almost been four years in Delhi, but somehow or the other I always missed out on watching a cricket match at Kotla. I guess there is a time for everything and my time had not yet come till of course the 1st of Nov, 2008. I made my debut in watching cricket matches on the ground!!! Entry glitches was bad......they don't allow cameras inside if you are an Indian! Yes, if you are a foreigner with white skin or any other you can take a camera and click away to glory!!!

I asked the security guys why was camera not allowed inside?? He says it is possible to blow up a stadium with the memory chip in a digital camera..!!! But I just fail to understand what made them think that foreigners will not think of blowing up the place...weired!!! My friend had a wonderful idea, he said just drop the camera in the bag of the Aussie guy standing in the Q....once inside we can just take it from him....huh so much for security!!!

Poor me and my friend, we did not have a had no choice but to deposit our cameras in a room just outside the stadium!! How much we asked?? 200 bucks for two cameras..!! The guy said this is just a small price you have to pay for keeping your expensive stuff with us for a few hours!! Thats not all, he wanted the money then and there!! I said see we are keeping your camera with you and we are definitely coming back to get it, you can take the money then. In case we do not come to get it, you can always keep the camera and only then he agreed to take the money at the end of the day!!

Two important lessons learnt from watching the match at Kotla....first dye my hair blond or some other exotic colour, speak with an accent and dress casually like tourists..... it will get an entry to the stadium with a camera without any questions asked!! Second get a room on rent real close to the can easily pocket 3000 to 5000 bucks on a match day by keeping cameras for a few hours!!

I am mulling what to do before the next match is played here!!!

Guys n gals any suggestions on this!!???