Thursday, May 15, 2008

Getting even with a narcissist.....

Some people live under the illusion that the world owes its existence to them, I have done this.....I have done that......had it not been for me ....blah blah blah!!! I had to interview this guy (professional hazard you see!!!!) and once he started shooting from his lips, he was not stopping. Trust me even a tsunami, earthquake....nothing could have dented him. I was sitting there wondering how on earth can someone actually say something like that????

The day did not start very well for me, got a vehicle that sucked big time in the heat to reach the place. Finding out the place took a lot of time.....well if this much time needed to find out a WORLD FAMOUS location, I never even want to be famous, forget about being world famous!!! Mister Big Shot.... was not in by the time me and my colleague landed there....guess you do not qualify to be a big shot till you keep people waiting to meet you without any evident reasons.

Sample of some of the things he blabbered about......he runs an organization and on being about expansion plans to other cities, his response was 'people go to worship religious places, those places never come to people'. All people those who matter in Bollywood miraculously are associated with him, in other words owe their staggering success to him alone.....what would we ever do without Bollywood, huh!!!

He had the gall to claim that certain areas in the city were planned and developed by him.....they were just very thick jungles before he actually decided to take pity on us mortals and plan out that place. Next he started rattling 'out of the world' figures to put across his success story.......and in between all this crap talk he complemented me on my now you can guess where his concentration was all this time!!! No I am not even getting there about his crap......I have heard better compliments in my life!!!

After about a week of this disastrous interview, I was traveling with my brother. It was extremely hot and I was not feeling well, so I drank tender coconut water from one of the roadside vendors......suddenly I had a wicked idea and I did not throw the outer covering of the tender coconut water after I had finished drinking. We has to pass through the area that the man had claimed he planned and developed.........once inside the place, I asked my brother to slow down the car and I actually dumped the coconut husk just in front of his building.....yes, I did it.........ohhhhh! It felt so good, just can't tell you how much.

So, next time you are really pissed at someone and cannot do anything about it, trying doing gives you a kick, a heady feeling I must say.....just throw caution to the winds....... do it and ya do lemme know how it feels afterwards!!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Caught off-guard....completly

The shirt with multi-coloured fishes printed all over suddenly, caught her attention, it fascinated her.......she examined it for sometime and asked me why the fishes are out of water and not moving! I told her they were printed, so doesn't make a difference anyway! ' if printing things makes all the difference', she muttered....clearly I failed to convince her.

Now she wanted to know why was the second shelf in the cloth rack empty.! 'To let kids get inside and play', I said...... she wanted to get inside and see for herself. I warned her, if you get inside once you cannot come out. She was going out with her family, so she decided not to risk going in....

She wanted to know where was I headed, I said the same place where she was. 'I am going bowling', she declared, daring me, now what do you have to say? 'I will go with you' I said.....'do you know what it is and how is it done' was written all over her face. I had absolutely no clue about any blowing alleys in Delhi.....I bet she read my confused expressions!!!

Suddenly she had another thought, how will you go there? 'I will go with you' I chance she counters, papa is driving, mama sits next to papa, dadi, Puneet bhaiya, Rishu and I sit at the back, so there is no space for me! She has a valid point here, so I suggest she I can take her place and she can sit on my lap. No ways she do that!

I suggested that I could follow her in another car. She looked around for sometime searching for some divine intervention to keep me out of her plans with her family........... .and suddenly she had it!!!! She turned and told me why don't you get inside the clothes rack........huh, serves me right for so much of arguing and putting ideas into a kid's mind....!!!!!

Btw...never got across asking her name!!!