Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My brush with fame for hmmmm.....35 seconds

Yes, it was that short all of 35 seconds, or may be it was shorter then that, I did not check!!!! I was booking tickets for my family through a travel agent. I had been calling her up for say about a week (almost daily) grilling her about the fare, taxes, visa formalities and other stuff. She was extra sweet while talking to me, and that was very obvious . The funniest part of my claim to fame is that I never saw her and neither did she see me. Huh, If only fame was that easy......

Once while we were talking she asked me"Can I ask you something" and I was like "Yeah, why not" She asked "Mam do you work for Star Tv". Hell she was more precise and asked Star News particularly. For a few moments I was stunned, how could someone actually ask me this question without even seeing me. I mean if someone saw me and thought that I am so good looking and the only place where I can be is Tv, then I undertsand. But she never saw me and trust me if she saw me she would never ask me the question.

I mean I am not a stunner or what you call Drop Dead Gorgeous......I surely am not that. I am just an average looking girl and no way have a face that is meant to be in front of the camera. Personally speaking I love being behind the camera. I asked her what made her think that I work with Star News and she had the most weird answer. She told me my name is Ayesha Khanom and there is a news reader by that name in Star News and I sound exactly like her.

Wow, no one ever told me this before. I would have taken up dozen of names starting from Christiane Amanpour to Barkha Dutt to God knows what! I would have joined some mimicary course to disguise my voice...... But I must admit when she took me for some news reader ( I don't see Star news so have no clue about the news reader) it felt good really GOOD. That girl was adamant and insisted that she saw me reading the news last night and my voice was just the same.

Ahem...I did not actually let her belive that I was not that news reader, it just felt too good!! I just told her no I dont work for Star News in a non committal way. I gave her the impression that I am a popular news reader and am trying to guard my privacy. Now my only wish and hope is that she never ever sees me and of course never comes across this blog as well :-) :-) :-)

Now this news reader better be good as well....@@@##!!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"If all female teachers are Mother in Law........"

I spent the best part of my life in my school Little Flower school (LFS). It was a girls school, and most of the girls in my school were tomboys. Now we hardly used to come across guys as the school was situated in an isolated place high on the hills. Naturally we were very curious about guys and most of our talk used to revolve around them. If by any chance, a few girls knew a guy then the poor guy used to have a hard time. No we never did or say anything to the guy, but its just that we used to pair up any girl with that guy and tease them a lot. We used to have a blast doing that, without the poor guy having any clue about this.

Now there was this guy who was the son of one of our teacher (a Lady teacher). My friends used to pair me up with him and tease me. Poor guy, he had no clue about this!!!! One day when we were between periods, we were having a serious disucssion about mother in laws. Now it so happened that the very next period that Madam was supposed to take our Social Studies class. All my friends were picturing how she would look as my mother in law. We were busy discussing all this silly things, and she entered the class. It was after the lunch hour, so the whole class stood up and greeted her Good Afternoon

Now I don't know from were did some of my friends get this smart idea and few of them shouted "Good Afternoon Mother in Law". As luck would have it, she heard this and her response was "Who called me Mother in Law, please step forwad, or the entire class can keep on standing" All the grils were cursing us coz they all knew the direction from where this sound came and knew I was paired up with her son. Then two of my brave friends stepped forward and admitted that they were the culprits.

She called them to her desk and asked them what made them call her Mother in Law. One of my friend is real smart and came up with an answer that anyone in this world will have to digest, no matter how sure they are that this is not true. she just told Madam that we were disucssing about mother in law before she entered the class, and hence this SLIP OF TONGUE!!! Whew, she bought that and it was a lucky escape!!! That freind is a reputed doctor now and I hope none of her patients pull on a fast one like this on her!! I am not taking names here for everybody's sake. Poor guy will have a heart attack if he reads this, we used to be soooo good like angels when we were around him or his mother!!!

I think, no am certain she would not take the reality too well. Well,who would?? Imagine girls in her class teasing about her son and pairing the poor guy up with one gal and disucssing her merits and demerits as a potential mother in law. God Forbid.....She had a very good sense of humor and to diffuse the situation she asked the class "If you start calling all the female teachers Mother in Law, what would you call all the male teachers?" "Father in Law ", we shouted.

Next period our mathematics Sir was due to come in. The bell rang, she was getting ready to go out of the class. Just as she was reached the door , she saw Sir standing outside. Now just as one period gets over, there are lots of chaos and commotion in the class. She came back to her desk and said "Girls, be quiet one Father in Law is standing outside" We burst out laughing on hearing this. She was just so cool!!! It has been about 10 years and I have no clue where Madam is now. I know she is somewhere in Delhi, but........ I wish I could meet her some day, just to tell her how cool a teacher she used to be in those days.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Regrets are passe!!

Time flies fast
We search for ways
We search for means
To control this, at our own will
None has found success

Time flies fast
Realization comes in late
Only when it is too late
Rueing is not the answer
Making the most of it is......

Only when we lose things
Do we realize the real worth
Count the blessings that you have
Search not for more
And lose that you have

Realize the worth of things
Crying will not bring it back
No matter how hard you try
Time once gone
Never comes back

Realize the worth
Realize the potential
Never let this slip
Focus on goals
Waste not your energy
On trivial things

Life will oft give this chance
But not for important things
Waste not, regret not
Life offers one chance
Grab it,make the most of it....

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Seperations are wounds that none can heal, memories are treasures that none can heal. Its a classic!!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Of colas, rains, winds and perfect strangers!!!

I am not a film critic and this is not a review. Just wanted to share some things that came to my mind after seeing Perfect Stranger. Actually I wanted to see Spiderman, but catching the first show in Delhi is a tough buisness. So finally it was Perfect Stranger (tickets were available only for that movie and that too second row seats!!!) Huh, guess something is better then nothing. Reached the place at about 5 and the show was at 7.20...!!@#$!! Loads of time to kill!!!

A roadshow was on there, so decided to settle for that to kill the loads of time. The weather gods decided to show their fury that day and the poor guy who was hosting the show had to take frequent retreat from the rain. The show was a big bore, the audience was participating in a contest to see who could drink an entire bottle of cola without spilling it. One girl managed to drink an entire bottle and guess what she won. Another bottle of cola, as if the first one was not enough...ughhh!!

The wind was very strong and when I was sitting under a tree, it was so strong, Now I feel I would be swept away if I had not caught hold of the post for support. First there was a light drizzle, then it stopped and then suddenly again there was heavy rains. Huh, its only in Delhi that you get this type of rain,inconsistent with a capital I.

Ahem the movie was not bad, I mean the last 10 mins somewhat made up for the otherwise ordinary boring movie. The biggest disappointment in the movie for me was Bruce Willis. Come on why on earth is he acting in a movie where he does not have any kind of role. You dnt expect to see this from an actor who has worked in wonderful movies like Sixth Sense and Pulp Fiction to name a few. Why, why oh why!!!! If he is working on such movies in future, I dont think I want to see his movies!!! is Spiderman, may be another time. keeping my fingers crossed!!!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Life in the fast lane.....

This week has passed on really fast. I guess this was the fastest week, but then I feel evry week was the fastest!! Monday was dry,boring and had tons of Monday Morning BLUES. Don't know how I managed to pass the day in office, but got it behind me real soon. Tuesday was an entirely different affair and I became engrossed with work. I don't know whats with wednesdays, I have alwayd loved this day for no apparnet reason. May be this is because during my school days in Wed we used to wear white dress or house dress to be more specific. I was in Yellow House so my uniform was white divided skirt, yellow half sleeved shirt ot Tshirt, white canvas and white socks. could I forget that I had to wear yellow ribbon on my hair.

May be that excitement is still there in some corner of my mind and thats why I have a special place in my heart for Wednesday's. Hey my house team i.e.Yellow House did not used to walk away with all the honors, but I am proud to be part of that house. Thrusday just went by because I was too excited about the approaching weekend. I and my roomie are pretty excited on Thursday nights and our only topic of discussion is Wowwww......just one more night to sleep on time and then we can have fun the next two night(i.e. by staying awake as long as we like, coz we don't need to wake up early)

Let me tell you our weekends are spent almost in similar manners. We always talk as if we will paint the town red on a weekend (wud take lots of guts, courage n time to paint Delhi red in this heat!!!!)
Most weekends we just laze around at home, do some works and read books, thats all we do. Huh, we really do spend boring and lazy weekend with a capital B and L. Today is Friday night, and I am extra excited about this. Nothing new in that and just like all Friday's we will talk (gossip) till late at night and go to bed at our own sweet will. I am wondering what to do this weekend!!! Absoutely no plans this time as I am tired of seeing my plans go down the drain, lets see what is in store this Saturday and Sunday!!!


Thursday, May 3, 2007

Dreamy eyes

The early morning rays were streaming on her face, she hid her face under the pillow. Astha really wanted to sleep a little longer, but the excitement inside her was just too much to bear. She was full of expectaions today, full of bright and rosy dreams for the future. Today was the day when her entire life will change and take a new course. Like every girl Astha has dreamt of this day and has sky high expectaions from this special day of her life. A tall, dark and handsome knight riding a horse, picking her up and riding to the sunest is what she always dreamt about. She sat threw the covers, sat up lazily, stretched on the bed, and had a mysterious smile playing on her lips. She was so happy, and thought : "I must be the happiest girl in the whole world".

No longer able to contain her joy, she threw the covers, jumped out of her bed and started to hum a romantic number. "I will always be a romatic fool, come what may" she thought. She rushed to her cupboard and started hunting for the treasures kept buired long long ago. Had time passed so soon, has it really been that long, she wondered. All the memories came flooding back and she felt overwhelmed for just a while. Shrugging off the feeling she opened her first scrap book. The first picture of her scrap book was staring back at her, it was he picture taken with her Ma. She remembered that day, it was her first day at school and she was feeling on top of the world.

Turning the pages her gaze fixed on another picture, the page was full of childish scribblings. She had lost her first tooth and was cribbing about how ugly she looked. Ashta smiled thinking how worried she was that no one would even look at her now and on top of that one of her elder cousin had told her that after some time all her teeth will fall off and she will look like Dadi. Dadi is 70 and had no teeth, Astha could not even in her wildest dreams picture how she would look without teeth. "Can anything worse happen, I wish I would die rather die then lose all my teeth". Ma came just then, hugged her close to her heat and said "My angel you will grow the most beautiful teeth in the world in place of the missing ones" I rub my flowing tears and wonder can someone ever console me like this.

If only things were so beautiful.....

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Mind Blowing!!!

One of those few songs that I can listen to again and again and agian, anyhwere anytime....
Some songs are just special and this is one of them!!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


I was walking in the forest all alone, dusk was fast approaching. I was apprehensive about being there all alone, nonetheless I keep on walking. Suddenly it feels that I am back in Kohima(that's my birthplace) , and the surroundings all of a sudden seem to be very similar. I see my childhood friends and some of my school friends standing in a corner. My first thoughts are "Wow, all these people together after such along time", I approach them and suddenly I am transported back in time. The games I used to play, the silly talk that we used to have and the exciting dreams that we nartured all came rushing back, it bought a smile to my lips. How innocent we all used to be!!

I reliazed that it is not the time to stand there and brood, but rather to think of more important things that lay ahead. There is a stranger observing me, I can feel this in my bones. You always get to know when someone is quietly watching you from a distance, and you cannot see him or her. It gives you a creepy feeling specially when you do not know who is watching, but are just aware of a pair of eyes constantly following you. I am not feeling too good about this whole thing and am constantly trying to locate those pair of eyes, but with no result.

All kinds of thoughts were invading my mind, it is growing dark and my destination does not seem to be anywhere near. But in the first palce I do not even know what my destination is. This is really creepy and I decide to take all the precautions that came to my mind. No one is safe these days and specially girls. I take out my cell phone and try to locate the number of a friend. I just want some one to come and take me back home. Suddenly home seems to be more appealing and I badly want to escape those prying eyes.

For the first time in my life I feel completely insecure in a crowd. I look around and begin to walk, I look back for a moment and see a strange figure hurrying towards me. I increase my pace, keep turning back to see how far the figure is, he is gaining ground and this makes me sweat. Someone calls my name loudly, someone has caught hold of me and is shaking me, I scream and open my eyes only to see my sister shaking me to wakeup. I look around and see I am in my bed in the safe sanctuaty of my home and yes I feel like killing my sister for waking me up from an incompelete Dream.....