Tuesday, January 11, 2011

His and her tale

The meeting had a purpose, so respective families accompanied both of them. She saw him for the first time and thought ‘Really?’ His first thought was ‘Oh, we were on the same flight yesterday’. Of course none of them had a clue that they were going to meet the next day. (Btw if you have not yet figured it out, this was their first filmy moment!!)

As it happens in numerous such first time gatherings, general talk took over followed by food (the venue was a restaurant). After sometime someone realized that he and she should be left alone. So, their time finally came and then they talked and talked (he did most of it). For whatever reasons it did not work out and they went their separate ways to different cities. In their busy lives, everything was forgotten.

But destiny clearly had other plans for them, so it meant that their days as single were numbered. Out of the blue an email lands up in her inbox and as they say ‘the rest is history’. Then began a incredibly beautiful phase – she phoned, he phoned, she emailed, he emailed, she pinged and they chatted like there was no tomorrow! And finally they decided this is it! Different cities meant no more face to face meetings before the D-Day.

She left everything in God’s hand, but that lingering doubt somehow found its place in her mind, sometimes. Finally it was that day and everything happened almost smoothly. Hey...what kinda big day would be without some glitches that people could narrate and laugh their heads off till eternity! So, they had their share of stories from this day.

She was going to his home which was about a couple of hours away by road. The heavy jewelery, clothes, customs, rituals, etc took their toll on her. She stopped the car and puked her guts out. Not an ominous sign, they all thought, scratching their chin!!

He came to aid her and then when she sat on the backseat and he on the front seat – he just looked at her and a silent message passed between them amidst the mini crowd. This was the moment she knew that she had taken the right decision; they were made for each other!

Sometimes all that is needed is a nod or a smile from the right person at the right moment! This can change lives forever :D