Monday, June 9, 2008

Glorifying terrorism...???

The front page headline in Times of India this morning saya 'Jehadis may get nukes, warns PM' caught my attention no doubt! So, I read the report very carefully word by word, thrice! And I did not find the mention of the word Jehadi even once in the story....yes there was mention of how the PM was worried about the country's nukes falling to the wrong hands, read terrorists. The report says that the PM 'sounded a chilling warning about the dangers of nuclear technology falling into the "dangerous hands" of terrorists and called for greater vigil'.......

I very much endorse the PMs view and ya if it falls into wrong hands, the consequences will be disastrous, no doubt. But I have certain issues about the headline and the story. Jehad is an Arabic word that means Holy War and jehadis are those who wage the war. So, is Times of India trying to say that terrorism is a holy war, by calling the terrorists jehadis?? Did the PM actually use the word Jehadis in his speech.....I was not present there nor did I see it on TV, so I do not know what exactly was said by the PM (I have a feeling that the word was not used...) Or did the reporter think that the word Jehadi will aptly describe terrorists??

Just because some morons use the name of religion to justify their evil acts does not mean that the entire world should accept that!! Those morons can name their act as Jihad, Honour Killing and such other names, but at the end of the day if the media and the public endorse the terms used, is it not showing acceptance about the whole thing at some levels?? I really do not understand the why that word was used in the first place. Terrorism has no religion....thats what everybody says....but the use of this word in the front page of the leading English daily of the country certainly does not reflect so!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Bundle of joy......

I am on cloud nine these days.....the next generation of my family has arrived!!! My niece (brother's daughter) came to the world on 2nd of June at about 11 in the night. Right from the moment I came to know that Bhabi was expecting, I was wishing from the bottom of my heart for a my prayers are answered!!! Everyone in the family is extra excited these days days!!!

All of us came with with our own choice of names and now we have more than 10 names to choose from.....bhaiya will have to draw a name out of the hat....she is going to be the 1st one in the family to be named through draw of lots!!!

My choice of names are Riffat (high).....Falak (star) and Nayyab (very rare, exclusive)....will have to wait and see if any of these names come out of the hat or not. All of us were looking for names that start with S, Z, T,P...definitely not with A.....we have had enough of being the first one in the line for exams, viva, injections, practicals and many other unpleasant things....we don't want that for her!!!

Definitely not looking for a daaknaam, specially after all I had written about daaknam's in one of the postings.....but I guess she will invariably end up having one. One of my friend rightly puts it by saying daaknaam's are so much part of our culture.....somewhere or the other one is bound to spring up!!!

Welcome to the is wishing her a very happy, successful and adventurous life ahead....go girl, the world out there is waiting for you, make us all very PROUD of you!!!