Sunday, April 29, 2007

Quest of the unkown and unmeasured

It was a pursuit, eager pursuit
Of the unknown and unmeasured....
Had no inkling about what?
Just needed to undertake this
To rest all doubts and queries
Don't know about the outcome

Never tried to anylise, how can you?
When this enriched you the most
The best moments were spent
The most memeorable moments
The most amazing pursuit
Too much scrutiny they say, robs the novelty

The quest that never will happen
Persuit that never will come again
Enrich you, enthrall you
Persuit that never will entice you
Persuit that never will
Change your whole life

Life throws quest
In your lap
Go for it, grab it
Mould it and interpret it
And understand it
Rue not in future
Grab it with both hands
Grab it with all your might

Seldom comes a second chance
The green grass
The trees, the hills, the forest
The quest, the pursuit, the journey
Never will it be the same
Sans the wit,
Sans the humor
Sans the being
Sans the presence

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Today I am blank again, don't know what to write on. So I was just wondering why this happens and the first answer that I came up with is everybody has a bad day and I am no exception to this. Sometimes it just happens that you do not feel like doing any work, just want to sit and laze around and most importantly don't want to do any work. I also found out that its not that something is wrong with you and thats why you have this bout or passing phase, its just that some days are like that and you just wish the day wud be over real soon.

Oh, today is the big match, we have finally reached the semis and now are actually 3 days away from the finals. Wow!!! but it really did take a long long time, seems ages ago India came back home. I hope that the guys in my cab leave office on time today and we reach a bit early today. Come on its the semis and I need to see that. Can't catch both the innings (hve to report to work tomoro) but think I m entitled to watch at least 1 innings completely. Guys please hurry up, lets leave on time today!!!

Cheers to the winner'

Monday, April 23, 2007

Gals and Sports!!!

I have been asked this question many times, and everytime I am surprised by this. I love to watch sports (sadly my playing days are over, or I could still give some mean competition!!!!) and my horizon includes cricket, football, tennis and hockey. I also try to stay updated about Formula 1, but must confess I am not regular in the racing arena. I just love to see these matches on Tv, they are hundred times better those stupid Saas Bahu serials.......Yuck!!! Many people both guys and gals find it very surprising that a girl can actually watch sports on tv, but I do and I just love this.

May be this has got a lot to do with my upbringing. All throughout my childhood I have heard my elder brothers and an unlce talk and follow circket and football and other sports. I was the only daughter then(My sis came along much later) , so naturally I got hooked to that. I am not too keen on club football. Come on, how am I supposed to support one club that has my favorite player playing against another club that has my other favorite playing. Its criminal, so I just stick religiously to World Cup, but do follow the club matches whenever I can.

I love watching a live tennis match. Oh, nothing can beat the excitement, yesterday I was watching finals of the Monte Carlo Maters Title, it was an awesome match. But I did not like the result much, am a die hard FedEx Fan....come on man how long will he keep on losing to Rafa on clay something abt this man, you are the No. 1. Its time to conquer the French Open....go for it FedEx!!!

Abt cricket it is not that I watch each and every match. But ya if I kno that a match between SA and Aus is taking place or say between Aus and NZ I dnt miss that. Now that the Semis are approaching I am really excited, two of the fav teams are playing. Abt India...I watch only those old matches that they keep on repeating, at least there is no risk of them losing there....:-) Watching India platying Live is just too much these days, can't even trust them to put it thru Bangla and Ireland, HUH!!!

I just love the idea of watching a live match if the best players or the best teams are playing. The World Cup Finals (football) was amazing, after all my team won the title!! I still draw glances from people whenever I discuss sports, but I don't care, coz I love doing this and I know there is nothing wrong in that. May be its just that I am a bit different from the other girls and I somehow like that.

Friday, April 20, 2007

The power to undo (CTRL Z)

Yesterday there was major goof up in my work, but nobody is complaining, Ahem!!! the part about no one complaining is a dream I have. For starters I did not goof up yesterday and even if I did that no Boss will is cool enough to just leave that without saying anything. But I was just wondering if we could actually make use of CTRL Z in our day to day life. Wow!! just when you realize that you have done something wrong, simply undo that. Just press CTRL Z and presto, it will be done or rather "undone"!!!

How I wish this was true, CTRL Z will become the most sought after thing in this world. Well, who does not make mistakes, if you don't then there is something seriously wrong with you. I am not talking about making blunders everyday, but everyday we do or say certain things and instantly wish if we could undo that! Think of all the things you could undo, correct all the mistakes, make up for all that you did to cause hurt and pain to a loved one.

Imagine what we could have done with our school, college and academic results, if we had this power to 'Undo'. You dnt need anything extra for this, just select what you want to undo and hit the button. Ohh...the one thing that I would LOVE to undo is that time when the nite farewell party was busted by the authorities at school. I was in class 10 and no I am not saying that I would undo the party, just the busting part by the authorities. The party was rocking, that is till we came to school the next day......

It was kind of compulsory to hold the party at night, think that was our style of rebelling against authorities. Mine was a girls school, so you can imagine how rebellious gals can get if they want to. One girl did not reach home till late at night (She stayed over at a friend's place and in the excitement of the party, forgot to call her parents)the parent called up the authorities, one thing led to the other and we were BUSTED!! Next day, the authorities gave us hell, it was very embarassing when we were asked to report to the Principal along with our parents....GOD!!!

Wish I had the power of CTRL Z then, and I wish I have the power of CTRL Z now and wish I have it forever. But I dnt want F1 in the same way. Come on I do not want to be shouting F1 F1 that techie guy who was falling from a multi storied building instead of shouting HELP. Shouting a simple 'Help Me' would have certainly saved that guy. God forbid....

Idle chatter ....

Can't think of anything today. May be because today is Friday and am too excited about the weekend. Or may be because I m too tired at the end of the week to think of anything new. So thought that I will put down some quotes here, these are some of my personal favorites :

Hard work never killed anyone, but why take a chance?

You laugh at me because I am different, but I laugh at you because you are all the same.

Seperations are wounds that none can heal, memories are treasures that none can steal!!

Being happy does not mean everything is perfect,
It just means that you have decided to see beyond the imperfections!!!

Smoking is pulmonary rape!!!

Sometimes I wish life had subtitles......

God made man, said, "I can do better then that," and then made woman :-)

Funny I can't even seem to come up with good quotes, normally I have hundreds of them, but something is definately not proper today. I will keep on addting the quotes here as they come to mind. I am not feeling very good today, have a headache and may be this is why can't concentrate on work properly. Probabably by tomorrow will feel better, will have to take care of this headache thing!!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Divergent Certainties.....!!!!

Birth and death
Contrasting realities they are
One is joy
One is sadness
There is pain in birth
There is pain in death

Who is born, who dies
When, where and how?
None can predict
This happens to all
None can escape its clutches
Each passes the stage
Each born must die

Tears of sorrow in death
Tears of happiness in birth
One who dies is gone
Rest pine for him
One who is born comes
Rest gather to be near him

Celebration of joy
Celebration of new things
Celebration of happiness
Celebration of life
Celebration of beauty
All accumulate in birth
Celebration and laughter

Tears of sorrow
Tears of separation
Tears of frustration
Tears of agony
Tears of culmination
Flow freely in death
Tears and only tears

Birth and death
Contrasting realities they are.....

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Value your prized possessions

Have you ever wondered how important family is for an individual? Chances are most of us have not given even a second thought to this. Our families are responsible for everything that we are. The way we behave, dress, conduct ourselves, react to situations, see things and speak all depends on our family and its values. When we become used to something like say our family we start taking things for granted. Somehow this becomes a habit for us and do not realize its real worth till we have to manage things on our own. The very thought is scary.

When we start staying away from our families only then do we realize the importance of being sheltered by it constantly. Suddenly we feel that we are all alone and have to cope up with everything all alone. There is no one to take responsibility if we go wrong sometimes. Our mothers will not be there to cover up any goof ups and explain to our Boss that she can do it just give her another chance. We are left on our own and have to face the consequences of all our actions. You feel so helpless and wish you could come back home to your parents and siblings and have a blast!!

If you are staying with your family, learn to value them and try to understand their contribution in your life. Suddenly one fine day you will realize that you did not value things when you had them, and now when you don’t have that, you realize what precious thing you are missing. Do not take your family for granted, after all at the end of the day they are the one who are going to stand by you in any hour of crisis. Trust them, value their opinions, respect their decisions and show them that they are the most precious people in the world in whatever way you can. They deserve this, in fact much much more then this, they are after all the most presious possession one can have!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Can Sanjaya go all the way?

Sanjaya Malakar.........a unique name to become famous in America. This 17 year old Idol contestant has become the topic for discussion arond the country. Anyone who has seen him perform will testify that he is not a great singer. One American Idol judge Simon even went to the extent of saying that he will not return as judge for the next season if Sanjaya wins the contest. Well if there is any kind of public voting for a contest, no one must crib about the results. Come on, on the one hand you say that public will choose the winner and on the other hand you criticize the public choice.

I am no way saying that public choice is perfect, it is just that if you have given us public the power to decide the winner, we will vote for any contestant for any reason we fancy. Public mood and sympathy often works in an unpredictable manner, so if you give us the power be prepared to face unexpected results. So either you judges take over the whole thing and leave us public alone. Or simply give us the power and accept our choice.

Wow, first Shilpa Shetty in Big Brother and now Sanjaya in American Idol. It really seems to be just the right time to have your name beginning with S, have an Indian connection and be associated with a relaity show either in the US or the UK!!! So far these things has been perfect for both of them!

His singing skills may need lots of polishing, but his hair style and that infectious smile does not need any more add ons. Those are just perfect, well if he can improve on this, then we do not mind at all, we surely are not complaining. We are all for this :-) :-) Now all we need to see is how far Sanjaya can go??

Monday, April 16, 2007

Enchanting Unchained Memories.......

Memories memories memories
Linger forever in the heart
Shaking this off is impossible
Diverting attention is futile
They come back all the more strongly
Memories memories memories.....

Happy memories
Thats hard to come by
Few and far between they are
Refusing to come to fore
When you want them to
They just remain buried
Memories memories memories.....

Memories shape life
Each action relates to memeories
Memories observed somehwere
Memories exprienced first hand
Memories just heard somewhere
Memories felt somewhere
Memories memories memories.....

Of innocent joys and laughters
Of tears and happiness
Of pain, of friend, of love
Of family, of ecstasy, of agony
Heart breaks, success, failure
Thats all they always are
Memories memories memories.....

That tree in the school yard
That hidden corner in college
That narrown lane in the street corner
That red floral dress
That smearing of lipstick
That first crush
Memories memories memories.....

More memories accumulate
Time goes on
But they linger forever
Memories memories memories.....

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Where is the confusion?

Mother Tounge :- one's native language; the language learned by children and passed from one generation to the next

Religion :- any specific system of belief, worship, or conduct that prescribes certain responses to the existence (or non-existence) and character of God.

Huh, i have tried my best to come up with a good definition (Courtesy : Google) for Religion and Mother Tounge and this is the best I could manage. Now the answer as to why I have put this definition and what am I trying to say. Many of you must be thinking how stupid of me to take pains to explain something so simple. Trust me, this may appear to be simple to you and me but many people confuse the term. I am a Bengali Muslim girl and am very proud of both. So most of the time when i come get in touch with any new people the question I am asked generally is how come you are both Bengali and Muslim?? I m sick and tired of explaining to people that releigoin and mother tounge are two different things and one can be both at the same time.

Come on no one ever asks a person talking in english, how come you are a Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist or from any other relegion and speak english. Its a foreign language, then why are they never asked how can you speak english and you are a Hindu, Sikh etc as well......i just can't understand why are people so confused about this? Why can't they simply understand that bengali is my Mother Tounge and Islam (Muslim) is my religion. Is it really so difficult to understand?? I don't think so, would love to know what is causing the confusion in the first place??

The funniest part is most of the people who have put this question to me are the so called "EDUCATED" people who work in big profiles in reputed companies. Huh, so much for being educated!! I have been staying in Delhi (Our capital city) for more then 1.5 years, and have faced this question innumerable time ( I have lost track of the count.....he he he he) I don't know whether to laugh at this or pity the fact that many people do not know even the bascis and claim to be educated.

Its a very very sad state of affairs, don't know if this scene is going to improve anytime soon. Personally i am tired of explaning the difference to so many people, now I just don't bother (but it makes me angry nonetheless) and wish something could be done to make people get their bascis correct. Well, i don't know if I have confused more people or made things clear now, but the idea was to clear up the confusion.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Teen Night Out!!!

On the terrace at night
Its 1.30 Am
Endless discussions
Ridiclous talk about love
Sky high ambitions
Senseless wishes

Stupid fights and arguments
Free flowing tears
Promises of being in touch forever
Promises of meeting often
Of never ever repeating mistakes
Worrying sick about silly things

Of backslapping
Clicking pictures for keeps
Cooking the world's tastiest dish
Thinking of solving the world's toughest problems
Of bringing about a revolution
Of wishing things were different
Wishing life was a little more easier
Of wishing everyone was more understanding

Memories, memories and more memories
Unforgotten, pure and innocent memeories
That is all that remains
Life becomes chaotic
Everything takes a backastage
Memories often keep pleasant company
Thats all they remain
Treasures forever.....

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Oh, to fall in love!!!

Some of my friends have been asking me to write something on love, so I am making this attempt. Love its a very complicated word and means many things to many people. For me love is mysterious and competely out of this world. If this was not mysterious how would you describe the feeling that you start expriecning all of a sudden for someone. This feeling can be for a person who is new in your life or for someone who has always been in your life. The second part is scary and hits you Wham! on the face. Imgaine you have known this person forever and suddenly you start feeling something different for that person and when you think why am i feeling like this, you just don't get any answers.

Childhood love and teenage love rarely last and most of the times it is not love but infatuation that you feel. I don't know the difference between love and infatuation but i know that a very thin line exists between the two. I strictly believe that love must never be left upexpressed, if you love someone just go ahead and tell him or her. Believe me you will never regret this, at least you will know about the feelings of the other person and you move ahead with life. otheriwse life gets stuck, you don't know whether to move ahead or do anything else. That is scary......

I have seen many people falling in and out of relationships and that is not my idea of love. Yes, things do not always work out as the way we want them to, but there is no harm in putting some efforts and finding out if it is really hopeless as it apppears to be or not. It is better to fall in love and exprience all that is associated with this beautiful feeling. Imgaine how wonderful it would be to know that someone other then your family actually loves you so much. This can be quite a heady feeling!!!

Make love, not war,

Monday, April 9, 2007

If only we could go back to childhood days.....

Childhood is undoubedtdly the best time of anyone's life. Some of my friends say that they do not remeber if their childhood was beautiful or not, but you must remember that since you did not have any worries back then, you do not remeber that. Yesterday i saw a child playing on the balcony opposite to my flat. The kid was all alone and he had no care in this world. He had no sorrow about anything, but only joy and was playing on his own. No doubt he was so oblivious to the whole world.

The balcony is visible to many people in my locality and many times i found people from the other flat calling out and the child was responding to them as if that was the happiest moment in his life. Imagine if someone called you or me from their balcony, what would happened!! All hell would have broken loose, specially if the person calling would have been of the opposite sex. There would have been complaints and god forbid someone could actually be sued!! So next time call out from your balcony be careful and do so only if you see a cute lil kid!!

Imagine how wonderful it would be to demand and have everything or just to get more then what you want without asking anything from anyone. Imagine no worries about what to cook, what to eat, what to wear, how to kill time, when to go out, when to take a bath, no studies, no jobs, no worries about relationships, no effort to look good for the opposite sex :-), no lectures from parents, no heartbreaks.......ooooo, how wonderful it would be to go back in time and have that life again!!!

Did i miss out anything in that list?? I am sure i missed many things, can you guys point that out to me??? Oh! if only i could go back to that time. Someone rightly said that the grass is always greener on the other side, but i would love to hop on to that other side if i could somehow get a glimpse of that wonderful period of my life!!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Busy busy busy busy [hoping for 3 days off :-)]

Today is very hectic, i have been working nonstop since morning and now i can't go on any loger.
My brain does not seem to be funcitoning properly and that is why i am writing this crap. May be i will be having three days off at a stretch, friday is off (its GOOD FRDAY) why is every friday not a GOOD FRDAY??? Saturdays are off, but some if urgent work comes up will have to report to work.....:-(

Looking forward to 3 days off at a stretch, though it can get very boring if there is nothing to do, but i m confident, will find out something to occupy my time. Well if nothing comes up, then my books are always there to accompany me :-)

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Monday Morning Blues!!

Weekend is over, Monday came and want without too much of a bother, well that is other then Monday Morning Blues!!! I have been trying this for along time, to be in a good mood on a monday but this never happens. I guess it’s not with me only, many will testify that Monday’s are hell, and this day of the week needs to be done away with :-). One thing that I try to do religiously on a Monday morning is to wear newly washed and pressed clothes. It helps to some extent. When you are in a real foul mood, try doing this guys, it works!!!

Other then this i hve not been able to find out anything that makes me cheerful, how i wish Mondays were off too, but then i guess i wud want the whole week off, coz some day or the other is bound to be the first day of the week......seems no escape from this :-)

The funniest thing about Mondays is that you do not even realize how the day passes away. After that the rest of the days seem to just fly and once again it is Friday night........the fun night. Friday nights are for gossiping about the entire weeks happenings with my roomie. We talk abt our offices so much that sometimes it feels that i kno all abt her office and she knows all abt mine. i hve been to her ofc only once and she has been to mine abt 2-3 times, but we have a blast talking abt office. No we dont discuss work, that would be just too much...but abt all the different people we encounter daily at work and in the cab.

Fridays are just so amazing that i m thinking why does not my ofc let me leave work at 12'noon....i can beat the evening rush traffic :-) :-) :-)

Huh, it took me a Tuesday to realize MONDAY MORNING grows on to you slowly!!!