Friday, March 30, 2007

Reasons are plenty.....

Everything in life happens for a reason. Sometimes we scratch our heads thinking why the hell did this or that happened to me, but at some point in our life we will surely realize the reason. Everyday something new happens and often we are left wondering about the cause. Sometimes many things happen to us and we do not even relaize the importance of it all till it is too late. We just let things happen and one fine day reliaze OMG! this happened because of this and so on.

We need to relaize to take things in life as it comes, but trust me doing this is a tough job, I am speaking form 1st hand exprience......guess all of us have such expriences :-) Well otherwise there will be chaos all around. Isn't it??

Try to make most out of any situation you face, at least you will not have any regrerets thinking wish I could have done this or that. Well its difficult to be balanced and soemtimes it strains you a lot. Its easy to say many things but it is actaully very difficult to impelement all this.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Why do we get attached???

Why is it so difficult to say Goodbye?? I just hate saying goodbye to anyone.
My roomie (Debarati's) mamaji was staying with us for the last two weeks and we had a blast!! He was a complete stranger to me, but somehwere somehow we connected. Everyday after going back home from work, it was like coming back to a place where someone is actually waiting for you!!! Eating together made me nostalgic and i had that feel of being in the midst of people again.

Staying away form family is hell, but soemtimes we just do things because this is the best thing to do, not because this is what we love to do. Life has many twists and turns and someone rightly says the grass is greener on the other side......if only people on the onter side knew about this. Mamaji went back today and we went to drop him off at the airport. While coming back something was missing and by the time i go back to my den after work, i m going to feel this even more. Hope Debarati will be back from office in time. Actually she has been coming so late these few days, m afraid i will forget how she looks :-)

As a rule i never go to see off any of my brothers, when they come home :-(. Yeah i love going to the airport to receive them :-).Thats much better

Got a text from a frien (Sona) this morning that says:

Being happy does not mean everything is perfect,
It means you have decided to see beyond the imperfections!!

Well as i said before no matter what happens, life just moves on!!!
It was gr8 to have mamaji staying with us!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

M Back!!!

Its been fact it seems ages since i last wrote. Hve been pretty busy and now that the team has been knocked out ot the World Cup hopefully i will have some more time for all these :-) Huh Feels bad that the team is out, but the baseline is they played bad cricket and they do not deserve to be in the nxt round. Imagine a nation of billions not being able to produce 11 players who can play at the highest levels. Anyways now i can support NZ and SA guilt free!!!

Since the last few days i have been thinking how wonderful it wud b to remian a child and never grow up. I guess childhood is the best time of anyone's life and anyone would surely love to go back to that time again. How wonderful and simple life would be without all the complications that we face as we start growing up. When we were small we cud not wait to grow up and now we wish that we had never grown up and seen all that we have seen or exprienced till date.

Ah...if only wishes were horses, we would all ride it and achieve all that we want!!! Its been a long time since i watched a movie, will have to catch up with some flick real soon. Oh, i got a hike and now m feeling pretty excited abt this, it gives a heady feeling!!! Hope i will b regular now, since work load is a bit less these days!!!


Tuesday, March 6, 2007


Today is one of those days u wish would just get over without tourturing yourself any is not that something is drastically wrong , but it is just one of those days, which you wish would get over soon.

Nothing excites me today, just want to go back home and collapse to bed....may b i m feeling too sleepy, donno. Last weekend i saw Nishabd, and when i come to office on monday get the news that my offfice has arranged for us to wtahc the same movie.....well i do agree that film is really well made, but i just can't sit through another session of Jiah's torn jeans, hot pants and never ending legs, phew!!Talk about timing, can anything be more wrong then this?? Wonder if they could arrange another movie for me :-)

Anyways i dont want to see any movie and don't want to do any more work.....just wnat to go back home. There are some days that become so boring and the funnny thing is that there is no reason for this!!!!

Friday, March 2, 2007


Yeah, it sucks big time when your work is done, but you have to wait just becasue one guy from your cab has work. Just 2 days before Holi, most of the guys left early by lunch and the office looks so deserted. I have a sneaking feeling that something or someone must just appear in the office just out of the blue, God Forbid!!!

Believe me i have been sitting here for the last 2 hrs and it is not with a pleasant feeling, my mind has gone completely blank...i simply don't know what to do. I have checked my emails......i hve been reloading the page again and agian hoping i would get lucky, but no one seems interested to mail me at this ungodly hour. one is even online, i take it they are all normal people who come to work and leave at just the right time@@@@

Sometimes even the web seems to be dull and boring and today is one such day. Ya i did get in touch with an elder sis of an old friend....but how long do you expect this can keep you going....the cab driver must be thinking we r not going back today and just move....God if he leaves us high and dry!!!!!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Shed a few Drops!!!

Tears, simply flow,
Sometimes without any reason,
and sometimes reasons are plenty
its a wonderfeul reliever, when you are deeply hurt

Cry a bucket and move is good to cry,
you do not have to shy away from it and GUYS u can also cry, it is ok!!!
Remeber your tears are precious and every Tom Dick and Harry does not deserve it,
Shed tears for someone who is dear to you, they deserve it.........its just ok to cry!!!

Can we do it??

So team India has left for the Carribean Island last night, but the milllion dollar question now is can they do it? I wish i had a crystal ball where I could gaze and tell all of you, how our team is going to fare. This time the team looks to have a nice helathy balance. But so do many other teams!!!

Well the run up tot he world cup has made one thing very clear, this time it is not going ot be a cakewalk for the Aussies, many other team have entered the arena and they are all serious contenders!!!! Aussies will have to struggle really hard and who knows what is going to happen.

We are all optimistics and want to believe that The Men In Blue are the best, though our mind mostly does not agree with this. One thing is guranteed, all of us will be glued to our television sets in the hope that we will ultimately truimph this time. If only the team could repeat the heroics of '83. Only time can tell what will happen, but till then we can all live in hope.

All the best India