Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Can Sanjaya go all the way?

Sanjaya Malakar.........a unique name to become famous in America. This 17 year old Idol contestant has become the topic for discussion arond the country. Anyone who has seen him perform will testify that he is not a great singer. One American Idol judge Simon even went to the extent of saying that he will not return as judge for the next season if Sanjaya wins the contest. Well if there is any kind of public voting for a contest, no one must crib about the results. Come on, on the one hand you say that public will choose the winner and on the other hand you criticize the public choice.

I am no way saying that public choice is perfect, it is just that if you have given us public the power to decide the winner, we will vote for any contestant for any reason we fancy. Public mood and sympathy often works in an unpredictable manner, so if you give us the power be prepared to face unexpected results. So either you judges take over the whole thing and leave us public alone. Or simply give us the power and accept our choice.

Wow, first Shilpa Shetty in Big Brother and now Sanjaya in American Idol. It really seems to be just the right time to have your name beginning with S, have an Indian connection and be associated with a relaity show either in the US or the UK!!! So far these things has been perfect for both of them!

His singing skills may need lots of polishing, but his hair style and that infectious smile does not need any more add ons. Those are just perfect, well if he can improve on this, then we do not mind at all, we surely are not complaining. We are all for this :-) :-) Now all we need to see is how far Sanjaya can go??


Sanjay Mazumder said...

Sanjaya Malakar

Wish it wud hav been Sanjay Mazumder...... :-)

ayesha said...

Guranteed many votes from me.....:-)m :-)