Thursday, May 3, 2007

Dreamy eyes

The early morning rays were streaming on her face, she hid her face under the pillow. Astha really wanted to sleep a little longer, but the excitement inside her was just too much to bear. She was full of expectaions today, full of bright and rosy dreams for the future. Today was the day when her entire life will change and take a new course. Like every girl Astha has dreamt of this day and has sky high expectaions from this special day of her life. A tall, dark and handsome knight riding a horse, picking her up and riding to the sunest is what she always dreamt about. She sat threw the covers, sat up lazily, stretched on the bed, and had a mysterious smile playing on her lips. She was so happy, and thought : "I must be the happiest girl in the whole world".

No longer able to contain her joy, she threw the covers, jumped out of her bed and started to hum a romantic number. "I will always be a romatic fool, come what may" she thought. She rushed to her cupboard and started hunting for the treasures kept buired long long ago. Had time passed so soon, has it really been that long, she wondered. All the memories came flooding back and she felt overwhelmed for just a while. Shrugging off the feeling she opened her first scrap book. The first picture of her scrap book was staring back at her, it was he picture taken with her Ma. She remembered that day, it was her first day at school and she was feeling on top of the world.

Turning the pages her gaze fixed on another picture, the page was full of childish scribblings. She had lost her first tooth and was cribbing about how ugly she looked. Ashta smiled thinking how worried she was that no one would even look at her now and on top of that one of her elder cousin had told her that after some time all her teeth will fall off and she will look like Dadi. Dadi is 70 and had no teeth, Astha could not even in her wildest dreams picture how she would look without teeth. "Can anything worse happen, I wish I would die rather die then lose all my teeth". Ma came just then, hugged her close to her heat and said "My angel you will grow the most beautiful teeth in the world in place of the missing ones" I rub my flowing tears and wonder can someone ever console me like this.

If only things were so beautiful.....

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Enyuh said...

Life is indeed so beautiful that it is worth to weep the tears all by ourselves.