Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Of colas, rains, winds and perfect strangers!!!

I am not a film critic and this is not a review. Just wanted to share some things that came to my mind after seeing Perfect Stranger. Actually I wanted to see Spiderman, but catching the first show in Delhi is a tough buisness. So finally it was Perfect Stranger (tickets were available only for that movie and that too second row seats!!!) Huh, guess something is better then nothing. Reached the place at about 5 and the show was at 7.20...!!@#$!! Loads of time to kill!!!

A roadshow was on there, so decided to settle for that to kill the loads of time. The weather gods decided to show their fury that day and the poor guy who was hosting the show had to take frequent retreat from the rain. The show was a big bore, the audience was participating in a contest to see who could drink an entire bottle of cola without spilling it. One girl managed to drink an entire bottle and guess what she won. Another bottle of cola, as if the first one was not enough...ughhh!!

The wind was very strong and when I was sitting under a tree, it was so strong, Now I feel I would be swept away if I had not caught hold of the post for support. First there was a light drizzle, then it stopped and then suddenly again there was heavy rains. Huh, its only in Delhi that you get this type of rain,inconsistent with a capital I.

Ahem the movie was not bad, I mean the last 10 mins somewhat made up for the otherwise ordinary boring movie. The biggest disappointment in the movie for me was Bruce Willis. Come on why on earth is he acting in a movie where he does not have any kind of role. You dnt expect to see this from an actor who has worked in wonderful movies like Sixth Sense and Pulp Fiction to name a few. Why, why oh why!!!! If he is working on such movies in future, I dont think I want to see his movies!!! is Spiderman, may be another time. keeping my fingers crossed!!!

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