Monday, May 21, 2007

Regrets are passe!!

Time flies fast
We search for ways
We search for means
To control this, at our own will
None has found success

Time flies fast
Realization comes in late
Only when it is too late
Rueing is not the answer
Making the most of it is......

Only when we lose things
Do we realize the real worth
Count the blessings that you have
Search not for more
And lose that you have

Realize the worth of things
Crying will not bring it back
No matter how hard you try
Time once gone
Never comes back

Realize the worth
Realize the potential
Never let this slip
Focus on goals
Waste not your energy
On trivial things

Life will oft give this chance
But not for important things
Waste not, regret not
Life offers one chance
Grab it,make the most of it....


Pensativo said...

Nice one :)

Never clinch to things..keep moving ahead ..that's the way life should be lived.. ;-)

Enyuh said...

The truth of life speaks here!

jini said...

deep meaning put across in simple words. bravo!