Thursday, July 12, 2007

Its a Ginormous Debut.....

Ginormous is among the latest entrant, along with many other words to the Websters Dictionary (I was typing and MS Word did not recognize ginormous, and came up with alternatives like Enormous, Enormously and so on....), so be rest assured this is very new. Apparently ginormous is the combination of two words enormous and gigantic. You can imagine what size ginormous will be, I take it......size will definitely matter from now on :-) From now most of the things which used to be gigantic or enormous can safely become ginormous.

There was an online research where visitors were asked 'What is your favorite word which is not in the dictionary'? Ginormous was the winner, clearly with a size this big, who can doubt this even for a moment. Sudoku is another entrant, Hell......I never knew that the game which is so popular world wide was not defined in the dictionary, anyways it is never too late!!!! Apna Bollywood (total filmy) also found an entry in the dictionary this year. Next time you type the word Bollywood, MS Word will not prompt you with alternatives like Hollywood.

Look around and listen carefully, you will find many people shouting hoarse that the Queen's language is being polluted. But did not somebody say that change is the only constant in life? Yes, it is difficult to accept changes that are drastic, but on the other hand you also have the option of not going according to the changes and making your own statement. Nothing can be forced, so you can still say that the plane took off with enormous noise instead of ginormous noise..!!!!!!!

There was a talk sometime back of allowing students to write exams in SMS lingo. It may seem outrageous, but who knows may be our kids will actually learn to read, write and talk the Queen's language in the so called SMS lingo.....May be by that time we will have many new words like Bongs, Mallus, the so called slangs making their debut and languages like Hinglish and Banglish being spoken globally!!! Perhaps one day you can safely say The Angrez used to rule over us, once upon a time, and find acceptance all over the world with the choice of words used in the sentence, Angrez way well go on to enter the Webster Dictionary.........may be that time is not too far away!!!!

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Pensativo said...

hey cool..
I didn't know about these new words and didn't even know that they don't exist in informative post :).
But when it comes to writing exams in SMS lingo, I don't espouse that idea..hell..I don't know what would happen to such a beautiful language. Change is inevitable ..that's sure but changes should not happen to the extent that the base itself changes.