Thursday, September 27, 2007

The finer things in life

When was the last time you heard raindrops falling on the rooftop? Trust me I have been thinking about this for a long time and I seriously cannot recall that moment!! For someone like me who has spent most of my life in a place where there is lot of greenery and rain, this is something that I miss very much. In Delhi, it hardly rains and even if it rains you never get to hear that sound in your rooftop cause you stay in a 2nd floor or 3rd floor of a 5 or 6 storied flat!!! I guess anyone who goes out of their home to stay alone in big cities (read metros) for studies, work or any other purpose has to pay a price and missing out on these small things are what are perhaps our payment.

I am not saying that this is the only thing that you miss out on, I am sure if I sit down to compile a list, I will come up with an exhaustive one!! Many times it happens that you cannot go home for Eid, Diwali, Durga Puja or Christmas just because you cannot afford to take leave at that point of time. Its sheer torture to be away from home on these occasions, but again we just cannot help this. Its the month of Ramzan and let me tell you its not just the same without your family. The spirit of the occasion is simply not there when you are fasting all alone. Well, you cannot expect your roommate or friends to give you company when you get up early in the morning.

So just getting up alone and trying to ensure that you do not disturb anyone who is sleeping is a real task!!! But let me tell you, I have become quite an expert in this. These days I crave for typical Bengali delicacies, think will have to wait to savor this till I go back home. I have tried to cook here many times, but they just do not come out the way my mother makes them. It is said that you do not value things when you have them and only realize their worth when you no longer have them. Never thought that I could miss home cooked food, the first smell of rain falling on the dust, the sound of rain on rooftops, morning dew.....the list is endless.

Aha, how can I forget those annual family gatherings and family weddings!!! Those were the occasions when you have cousins, grandparents, distant relatives, uncle's and aunt's landing in one place from all over the country. The most common things that you will hear in such gatherings from those uncles and aunts are "Oh! My God, how tall, fat, thin, beautiful......... (I'm forgetting some more adjectives here) you have become" And if you are of marriageable age everyone will have some of the other prospective bride or groom in their mind for you.

And if by chance you happen to be happily married, than they will give you a big chunk of their mind with all the Gyaan in this world about starting a family or about family planning. God, at times it gets just too overwhelming!!! Most of the time you end up being introduced to relatives who you have never met in your life and have no clue of their existence. But these are fun times and when you stay away from home, you miss these things so much. The finer things in life may seem to be too finer, but thats where all the fun lies. I am feeling pretty homesick today.....


Shovon Chakraborty said...

Hi Ayesha, a nice post.

jini said...

true! true! but i guess nostalgia abt things that are no longer there with us a common part of life. even when you go back home i am sure you will miss the crazy times that your spend with your freinds out here. so there is no end to misssing the finer things in life....mite as well enjoy every moment the best way we can :-)

Pensativo said... this case we Bangalorian( Yuppie right now I am in bangalore, so can call my self Bangalorian :D) are pretty lucky. It rains here a lot. And despite of living in those kind of building you mentioned, I am able to enjoy those beautiful moments of joy of rain and singing rain drops falling on my head :P.

anyways if you miss somethings that means you had a gala time with those things and that feeling makes me content :).

Well its true that we miss a lot of things while we are away from our native place but Isn't it true that we get chance to do lot of other things that we could not do at our home.
Because these things are with us now and we should learn to treasure them otherwise as you said we would miss them too when they would no longer be with us ;)

Anonymous said...

Such meaningful words. And they are so true. Its something which I think about myself too, about the rain on the rooftops. You're kinda poetic in your writing which is quite good in expressing exactly how you're feeling about the things that you miss about home. Nice writing! Try not to dwell too much on these thoughts though, because it can make you feel down and sad about life in general.

srdash said...

nice post! wonder that, how you can notice such minute details in life!