Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bye bye hibernation, Hello blogging.......

Its been a very long time since my post.....actually can't even remember when I last posted without taking a reference. I was not buried deep with work that I did not have time for blogging, had access to internet at all times and the pc was at my disposal but don't know why I was not doing this! Seriously, I have been thinking why this was happening to me and trust me, I could not come up with any satisfactory explanation.

I have been thinking about many topics and they just remained in the 'pipeline'. In fact I had written and rewritten them endless number of times......but all in my mind. Somehow, they never materalized...but thats now gonna change. Pensativo, I have finally decided to listen to your tic tic tic and actually come out of the hibernation!!!

I am often asked questions about my blog, how I got about wirting it, why I write and don't I feel uncomfortable writing out a virtual diary online. I understand that there are strangers reading this blog, but I don't think that I'hv written anything out of this world. Stories about going live on air, a schoolday fiasco, expriences in an airport, bidding farewell to a friend who will never come back, funny and interesting incidents that keep on happening all the time.......and I am sure this happens to everbody.

So if I put these things up in my blog I do not see any harm in it. At the most what will happen is that, may be I will end up making new friends through this and I don't mind that. I also pretty much like the fact that people that I have never met, never heard of and possibly will never meet actually read my blogs and put comments too!!!! Oh...its a heady feeling and actually thats what keeps me going...:)

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Pensativo said...

haha..everyone goes through this kind of phase. Its part of blogging or say anything else you do. Everyone needs a BREAK :P. But the most important thing is that break should not be indefinite :). Good to know that you are back into the blogging courtyrad..keep writing :)