Monday, November 3, 2008

Lessons from my debut!!

It has almost been four years in Delhi, but somehow or the other I always missed out on watching a cricket match at Kotla. I guess there is a time for everything and my time had not yet come till of course the 1st of Nov, 2008. I made my debut in watching cricket matches on the ground!!! Entry glitches was bad......they don't allow cameras inside if you are an Indian! Yes, if you are a foreigner with white skin or any other you can take a camera and click away to glory!!!

I asked the security guys why was camera not allowed inside?? He says it is possible to blow up a stadium with the memory chip in a digital camera..!!! But I just fail to understand what made them think that foreigners will not think of blowing up the place...weired!!! My friend had a wonderful idea, he said just drop the camera in the bag of the Aussie guy standing in the Q....once inside we can just take it from him....huh so much for security!!!

Poor me and my friend, we did not have a had no choice but to deposit our cameras in a room just outside the stadium!! How much we asked?? 200 bucks for two cameras..!! The guy said this is just a small price you have to pay for keeping your expensive stuff with us for a few hours!! Thats not all, he wanted the money then and there!! I said see we are keeping your camera with you and we are definitely coming back to get it, you can take the money then. In case we do not come to get it, you can always keep the camera and only then he agreed to take the money at the end of the day!!

Two important lessons learnt from watching the match at Kotla....first dye my hair blond or some other exotic colour, speak with an accent and dress casually like tourists..... it will get an entry to the stadium with a camera without any questions asked!! Second get a room on rent real close to the can easily pocket 3000 to 5000 bucks on a match day by keeping cameras for a few hours!!

I am mulling what to do before the next match is played here!!!

Guys n gals any suggestions on this!!???


Sujoy Bhattacharjee said...

And then they say that the crowd turnout was poor.
The Kotla is one of the more spectator-friendly stadiums...wonder how the others are?

anie said...

money money money, better than sunshine sweeter than honey.

In the metros some culprits want to earn,loot,snatch money from whatever source that comes in. Its the easy money that counts and got without hard work and with just acquiring enough smart tactics.

Its due to such factor that there are so many beggers in the city that do not feel shame to earn money this way as doing labour and working honestly requires a lot of hard work and determination.

LOok at hotels and restaurnats, their staff earn more money through tips in the happy hours rather than through their salaries.

So whatever be the easy source, such people are found everywhere and do not leave any chance to snatch it whether its by hook or crook.

Arjun said...


Well, u can earn a lot of money that way...

I'm from B'lore and they allow cameras in here... Only water bottles arent allowed....
Anyways, u dint write abt the experince about watching the match....

Just came across ur blog randomly... nice :)


Anonymous said...

Very original idea of making loadsa quick cash!
Why did you not ask the guy why they think the foreigners would not have thought to use the technology to blow the place up? You should have been offended to hear that his opinion is that people with only dark skin are twisted and that evil!!!

Vivek said...

I wish I had known this that day, I could have earned few bucks than watching M Clarke's batting...