Thursday, April 8, 2010

The day when (almost) everything went wrong!

Well some things went right towards the evening, so that (almost) bit. By the end of the day, I was thinking if I had this story, back in my school days when we had to write never ending essays on the topic ‘The day everything went wrong’, it would have been a real help.

It was a Sunday, my uncle and aunt (in-laws) were scheduled to come to our house (my first meeting with them) they are pretty aged, uncle above 90 and aunt definitely over 85. Since morning I and hubby were busy trying to finish all our works, including cooking, so that we would be free, when they come in the evening, their flight was scheduled to land at 5 in the evening.

I was cooking lunch, dinner and also something for lunch the next day, as I could not miss office that day. Now just as I finished cleaning and chopping all the vegetable and started to cook, the first disaster struck, I ran out of gas cylinder…..I swear there were no advance warnings, suddenly the flame just went off and not matter what I tried, it just stove refused to light up again!!!

Getting a filled-up cylinder on a Sunday afternoon, is something almost unheard of! It was then my neighbor came to our rescue (god bless her!!) She gave me an electric heater, to temporarily (till I got a cylinder) take care of the cooking, so first disaster taken care of.well at least somewhat!

The next disaster was just lurking in the corner, waiting for its turn to happen. I was washing some utensils, and suddenly I felt as if I was standing in ankle deep water (well almost), a glance downwards confirmed my worst fear…the sink drain was clogged, so water flooded the kitchen. Within minutes, hubby and I were down on our knees and hands, trying to soak up the dirty water and dry up the kitchen…..ugh, what a disaster.

After that things were strangely calm, but little did we realize that it was the lull before the storm, alas!!! We were sinking into a comfort zone now, thinking what else could go wrong now. We reached the airport 10 minutes before 5, bought 2 passes to get inside. The display board inside said, the flight from Silchar (that’s where they were coming from, on their way to Dhaka) had arrived. We waited for about 30 minutes, still no sign of them, anywhere. The luggage counter was right in front of us, so absolutely no chance that they are still collecting their luggage.

Now, we were seriously worried…..there was absolutely no sign of them and the board continued to flash that the flight has arrived. So, we decided I would go out and look for them, while hubby will try to find them inside (they did not have a phone with them). I was made at least 5 rounds to and from the domestic airport to international, which took at least 5-7 minutes, every time. We kept calling each other over the phone repeatedly, but so signs of them. Just then my father-in-law called, but I did not have the nerve to take his call. I mean what do, I tell him...hello, we can’t find your brother and sis-in-law; well I simply did not have the nerve to do so.

After another half an hour, hubby came out and we made some other rounds again, domestic-international-domestic-international….it was almost never ending. We thought they must be nearby, but…!!!!

Finally I spotted them coming out of the airport, grinning widely…..after about an hour! Apparently the flight was late, but those idiots at the airport never bothered to correct the display messages….uffffffff!!! Thankfully we brought them back home and things were pretty much ok after that, but we had more than our share for the day!!!


Jini said...

I simply love your style of writing. The dry humour turns even mundane things into interesting and lively events. Hope the rest of the week was pretty uneventful compared to your sunday :-)

anie said...

Well for me the last week was full of horrible news. First of them is one of my friend's brother expired. His brother's both kidneys had failed and the friend was very worried and running all the time to save his lives with the dialysis etc. His mother donated the kidney to his brother and operation was successful but after two days of operation, his brother had heart failure and got expired. The donated kidney also went wasted.

The second horrible news was related to my brother in law's friend whom I also know very well. He had developed a cancer and it was it was properly diagnosed and he was all right. Suddenly the cancer germs starting appearing again and now he is in the last stage fighting for his life in the hospital

The third horrible news was related to my sister's friend and her family. Her husband was an eye specialist and also known to us very well. They met with an accident and her son and husband died at the spot and she is fighting for her life with multiple fractures in hospital.

In the weekend now I just prayed to god, plz no more such news, its enough for the week.

Hope the coming week bring some good news with hope, faith and positives.

Miftah's Desk said...

I am the newest follower of your blog as of 9:19 P.M, April 24th,2010. I guess long back I read you somewhere.Hope to follow your blogs in the coming days...

Vivek said...

u guyz did a gr8 job but not thoz airport authorities...hope u had a nice dinner aftr all thoz un-invited problems...

dramaticirony said...

now thats is a bad day! that was funny to, you are a good writer! I've been there with the flooded kitchen!

littlemarymixup said...

Welcome to my world....lots of things go upside down and crazy for me. lots of days have things that go wrong. Thank goodness for a sense of humor.
I enjoyed reading your blog tonight. I finished writing my blog post, clicked on "next Blog" and found you. It was serendipitous.....thank you!

A.Aryal said...

Nice :)

Debdatta Dasgupta Sahay said...

I know the feeling...!!!!

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