Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Why do superheroes have Jurno GF/Wife???

Time seems to be the biggest constraint these days...the entire week I look forward for the weekend, but once sat comes, the thought uppermost in my mind is sucks!!! monday is approaching. Last weekend i worked on was hell, sun i watched a movie. Gost Rider is ok....just like any other superhero movie. Guys r gonna love Eva Mendes....she looks hot!!! Gals Nicholas Cage is manly like he always is, the person who plays his dad looks cool and dashing and the young Cage is cute!!! A treat for everyone!

My friend and I noticed something interesting.....why do all superheroes have journo girlfriend/wife? Eva Mendes is a jurno in the movie. Think of batman, superman, phantom or near home shaktiman or krrish....why why why???

Any thoughts abt this guys??


Vivek said...

b'coz he needs someone who can spread his heroics and get him a world wide recognition and who better than a GF. after all there needs to be a female role and this role suits the best.
both are complementary to each other.
if i were a super hero i would love to have a journo GF :)

ayesha said...

Hmmmm...thats really interesting. But is it not that the identity of the superhero remains confined to the GF or wife only.....i mean ya the public does get ot know about his deeds, but not who he actualy is....anyways Vivek thanks for ur comment and would love to see u wid ur jurno GF or Wife :)

ashutosh said...

Hey ayesha,
I also want to be with my gal.
Can u bless me too.
You can prticipate in my forum here
Ashu's Forum and Blogs

ayesha said...

Well ashutosh if u r a superhero....u dnt have to worry, a jurno gal will come to u!!!