Thursday, March 1, 2007

Can we do it??

So team India has left for the Carribean Island last night, but the milllion dollar question now is can they do it? I wish i had a crystal ball where I could gaze and tell all of you, how our team is going to fare. This time the team looks to have a nice helathy balance. But so do many other teams!!!

Well the run up tot he world cup has made one thing very clear, this time it is not going ot be a cakewalk for the Aussies, many other team have entered the arena and they are all serious contenders!!!! Aussies will have to struggle really hard and who knows what is going to happen.

We are all optimistics and want to believe that The Men In Blue are the best, though our mind mostly does not agree with this. One thing is guranteed, all of us will be glued to our television sets in the hope that we will ultimately truimph this time. If only the team could repeat the heroics of '83. Only time can tell what will happen, but till then we can all live in hope.

All the best India


Vivek said...

someone who's not an indian can never digest that india is going to win the cup. But i do believe that its india who is going to lift the cup in Barbados. The reasions behind my strong faith in the men in blue are :-
-our team have played a series recently in WI and most of the players will be benefited from this.

-we play well against spinners and its going to be beneficial b'ccoz spinners are going to play a big role in the carrebian.

-we have two world class spinners accompanied by intelligent sachin ,handy sehwag and yuvraj.

-we have got flexibility in the batting order and most of our batsmen can play at any order.

-we have some big hitters in uthappa,sehwag, dhoni and yuvraj..

-who knows pathan may get his rhythm back on time.

-the most of our experienced players will try to do their best in their final World Cup of their life.

and last but not the least..the men in blue is going to do it coz i'm going to watch it on my new TV set dedicated for world cup :)

ayesha said...

Wow...thats like a true Indian fan....i like ur spirit and all of us hope your new TV turns out to be lucky.Believe me we are all willing to buy not one but many tv sets if it means that our team can win.