Monday, April 23, 2007

Gals and Sports!!!

I have been asked this question many times, and everytime I am surprised by this. I love to watch sports (sadly my playing days are over, or I could still give some mean competition!!!!) and my horizon includes cricket, football, tennis and hockey. I also try to stay updated about Formula 1, but must confess I am not regular in the racing arena. I just love to see these matches on Tv, they are hundred times better those stupid Saas Bahu serials.......Yuck!!! Many people both guys and gals find it very surprising that a girl can actually watch sports on tv, but I do and I just love this.

May be this has got a lot to do with my upbringing. All throughout my childhood I have heard my elder brothers and an unlce talk and follow circket and football and other sports. I was the only daughter then(My sis came along much later) , so naturally I got hooked to that. I am not too keen on club football. Come on, how am I supposed to support one club that has my favorite player playing against another club that has my other favorite playing. Its criminal, so I just stick religiously to World Cup, but do follow the club matches whenever I can.

I love watching a live tennis match. Oh, nothing can beat the excitement, yesterday I was watching finals of the Monte Carlo Maters Title, it was an awesome match. But I did not like the result much, am a die hard FedEx Fan....come on man how long will he keep on losing to Rafa on clay something abt this man, you are the No. 1. Its time to conquer the French Open....go for it FedEx!!!

Abt cricket it is not that I watch each and every match. But ya if I kno that a match between SA and Aus is taking place or say between Aus and NZ I dnt miss that. Now that the Semis are approaching I am really excited, two of the fav teams are playing. Abt India...I watch only those old matches that they keep on repeating, at least there is no risk of them losing there....:-) Watching India platying Live is just too much these days, can't even trust them to put it thru Bangla and Ireland, HUH!!!

I just love the idea of watching a live match if the best players or the best teams are playing. The World Cup Finals (football) was amazing, after all my team won the title!! I still draw glances from people whenever I discuss sports, but I don't care, coz I love doing this and I know there is nothing wrong in that. May be its just that I am a bit different from the other girls and I somehow like that.


Debarati said...

Must tell you........really liked the way u have crafted ur ideas into word. But, can't stop myself from contradicting...... I just want to know from you....what's ur definition of 'ordinary' gal? Please don't tell me that just by watching any 'X, Y, or Z game you actually think yourself as a better species than the so called 'ordinary girl' (definition expected from you). I am not a cricket fan, neither do I watch hockey , tennis or racing, but trust no way do I consider myself inferior to any gal who watches or loves cricket. I think that's entirely a matter of individual choice, rather a gender specific issue. And, yeah don't worry about those who draw glances when you dicsuss sports coz they will draw galnces at matter what you discuss. And, babz keep watchimg games....but please don't think...... you have an edge over others just because you watch some games. Every gal is extraordinary in her own way, and so are you..........but not beacuse you watch some'game'.

ayesha said...

A very interesting point you have put up. My definition of 'Ordinary Girl' is a girl who does and beleives in things that normally girls do. So for me ordinary girl is someone who loves to have long hair, lovers to wear dresses with frills, loves to wear make up, loves gossiping, loves to buy dresses, loves discussing about boys, wants to get married and ya does not love watching sports....the list is endless.

You are perfectly right its a matter of individual choice, but I would say that the percentage of girls watching matches is not very high. Thats what I wanted to say.

Among the things mentioned above I love most of them except dresses with frills and make up (daily).So this does not make me EXTRA ordinary, but just different from the other girls. Mind you I have said I love being different from Ordinary girls and no where did I say that I have an edge over others just becoz I watch some game. I think that wud be rather stupid on my part.

If watching some game had been the parameter for judging if a gal has an edge over others or not or if she is from a better species then trust me I wud have watched all games under the sun inclding golf, snooker, billiards (I dnt understand these games at all....)And I think its not just me but all the girls wud be watching these games, just to have an edge over others.

Yeah every gal is extraordiany in her own way and so are you and me. Keep those comments coming, this is getting interesting!!!