Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Today I am blank again, don't know what to write on. So I was just wondering why this happens and the first answer that I came up with is everybody has a bad day and I am no exception to this. Sometimes it just happens that you do not feel like doing any work, just want to sit and laze around and most importantly don't want to do any work. I also found out that its not that something is wrong with you and thats why you have this bout or passing phase, its just that some days are like that and you just wish the day wud be over real soon.

Oh, today is the big match, we have finally reached the semis and now are actually 3 days away from the finals. Wow!!! but it really did take a long long time, seems ages ago India came back home. I hope that the guys in my cab leave office on time today and we reach a bit early today. Come on its the semis and I need to see that. Can't catch both the innings (hve to report to work tomoro) but think I m entitled to watch at least 1 innings completely. Guys please hurry up, lets leave on time today!!!

Cheers to the winner'

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