Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Monday Morning Blues!!

Weekend is over, Monday came and want without too much of a bother, well that is other then Monday Morning Blues!!! I have been trying this for along time, to be in a good mood on a monday but this never happens. I guess it’s not with me only, many will testify that Monday’s are hell, and this day of the week needs to be done away with :-). One thing that I try to do religiously on a Monday morning is to wear newly washed and pressed clothes. It helps to some extent. When you are in a real foul mood, try doing this guys, it works!!!

Other then this i hve not been able to find out anything that makes me cheerful, how i wish Mondays were off too, but then i guess i wud want the whole week off, coz some day or the other is bound to be the first day of the week......seems no escape from this :-)

The funniest thing about Mondays is that you do not even realize how the day passes away. After that the rest of the days seem to just fly and once again it is Friday night........the fun night. Friday nights are for gossiping about the entire weeks happenings with my roomie. We talk abt our offices so much that sometimes it feels that i kno all abt her office and she knows all abt mine. i hve been to her ofc only once and she has been to mine abt 2-3 times, but we have a blast talking abt office. No we dont discuss work, that would be just too much...but abt all the different people we encounter daily at work and in the cab.

Fridays are just so amazing that i m thinking why does not my ofc let me leave work at 12'noon....i can beat the evening rush traffic :-) :-) :-)

Huh, it took me a Tuesday to realize MONDAY MORNING BLUES.........it grows on to you slowly!!!


LostSoul said...

Who dosent know the monday blues its the oldest blues in history

ayesha said...

If only there was some way to get rid of this Blues!!!

shakir said...

yes u r dead right...but ask me how it is like going to office daily even on sundaysssss...even at the dead hours of night...so for me everyday is a BLUE...