Friday, March 30, 2007

Reasons are plenty.....

Everything in life happens for a reason. Sometimes we scratch our heads thinking why the hell did this or that happened to me, but at some point in our life we will surely realize the reason. Everyday something new happens and often we are left wondering about the cause. Sometimes many things happen to us and we do not even relaize the importance of it all till it is too late. We just let things happen and one fine day reliaze OMG! this happened because of this and so on.

We need to relaize to take things in life as it comes, but trust me doing this is a tough job, I am speaking form 1st hand exprience......guess all of us have such expriences :-) Well otherwise there will be chaos all around. Isn't it??

Try to make most out of any situation you face, at least you will not have any regrerets thinking wish I could have done this or that. Well its difficult to be balanced and soemtimes it strains you a lot. Its easy to say many things but it is actaully very difficult to impelement all this.

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Pensativo said...

You have chosen a very interesting topic for discussion.."Reasons"
Yeah its true that whatever happens, happens for a reason but at the same time its very difficult to decipher the true reason behind all these happenings and the irony is that most of the people do not bother to find out the real reason of the events, they just come up with some justifications for their actions. Humans have tendency of defending himself, that's why they ultimately find the reason for all the things they do, but they never ever try to think whether its the true reason or not. Its their ignorance and they find bliss in it. But wen they find out the true reason after a long time, and if its good then its fine, but if turns out to be something drastic in that case it would become too late and you won't be having time to rectify the things.
Hence in my opinion its better to cultivate a habit of finding the true reason at early stages with honest heart. And its not difficult coz you can be dishonest with others but not with yourself :)..