Sunday, April 29, 2007

Quest of the unkown and unmeasured

It was a pursuit, eager pursuit
Of the unknown and unmeasured....
Had no inkling about what?
Just needed to undertake this
To rest all doubts and queries
Don't know about the outcome

Never tried to anylise, how can you?
When this enriched you the most
The best moments were spent
The most memeorable moments
The most amazing pursuit
Too much scrutiny they say, robs the novelty

The quest that never will happen
Persuit that never will come again
Enrich you, enthrall you
Persuit that never will entice you
Persuit that never will
Change your whole life

Life throws quest
In your lap
Go for it, grab it
Mould it and interpret it
And understand it
Rue not in future
Grab it with both hands
Grab it with all your might

Seldom comes a second chance
The green grass
The trees, the hills, the forest
The quest, the pursuit, the journey
Never will it be the same
Sans the wit,
Sans the humor
Sans the being
Sans the presence

1 comment:

Nabila Zehra Zaidi said...

That was one thoughtful musing!!

Very interesting...too much scrutiny makes it lose novelty...there is seldom a second chance...grab it with both hands...wonderful!! all lines were amazing!!

Keep it up!!