Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Teen Night Out!!!

On the terrace at night
Its 1.30 Am
Endless discussions
Ridiclous talk about love
Sky high ambitions
Senseless wishes

Stupid fights and arguments
Free flowing tears
Promises of being in touch forever
Promises of meeting often
Of never ever repeating mistakes
Worrying sick about silly things

Of backslapping
Clicking pictures for keeps
Cooking the world's tastiest dish
Thinking of solving the world's toughest problems
Of bringing about a revolution
Of wishing things were different
Wishing life was a little more easier
Of wishing everyone was more understanding

Memories, memories and more memories
Unforgotten, pure and innocent memeories
That is all that remains
Life becomes chaotic
Everything takes a backastage
Memories often keep pleasant company
Thats all they remain
Treasures forever.....


Sanjay Mazumder said...


It speaks my words....

I just loved it....

Anonymous said...

you could be a good poet.
you have touched the nerves.
your thought is having universal appeal. ...carry on.

ayesha said...

Thanks Sanjay and Mansaf....
This is my first attempt in writing any kind of poem. Now I m seriously beginning to believe that I can actaully become a good poet :-) :-)