Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Saga of an Aparichit and a Red Rose

An aparchit (stranger) walks round killing people and a person with a red rose in his coat buttonhole also goes around killing people!!! Now don't get scared out of your wits, I am talking about two movies which dealt with serial killing. Sometimes you just stumble across some movies and though you know that the movie is crap you just watch it nonetheless, just to know what the hell are they showing. Aparachit and Red Rose are two movies that I watched solely for that reason.

Aparachit is a South Indian movie dubbed in hindi, which tells the story of a guy having split personality. He is that bhola bhala meek guy when he is around the girl and no one even imagines that he is the person responsible for all those deadly killings that take place in the town. There is this scene where he kills one guy by drowning him in hot oil...... and when his dead body is taken for the last rites one guy asks the dead person's brother "Anteem sanskar kaisey karna hai" and this guy answers "jal to chuka hai, aab dafnado!!!!"

What the crap....... if someone is a Hindu a funeral pyre will be lit and if he is a Muslim or Christian he will be buried. Why on earth did that guy (a family member of all people) ask what should be done with the body. Looks like there was big time confusion......again pardon my Hindi!!!!

Red Rose had Rajesh Khanna playing the role of the killer ( its an old flick) the red rose stood prominently throughout the movie, and Khanna wore his trademark large glasses that covered almost half of his face and an equally disgusting scarlet red tie!!! He was wearing a coat, almost throughout the film and for some strange reason the open edge of the coat was always never fell properly in place on his chest. It was quite a sight when they were showing a shot that was taken sideways, you can always see the edges protruding from his chest.

Both these movies dealt with certain conditions, but if you see the final product trust me you will end up laughing, rolling on the ground. I saw the movie on one of those days when you have just nothing to dish tv subscription was over and I did not have any book to kill the time. The best part is if you have company while watching that movie, you can have the time of your life...talking about the movie. Thank god.... I had company both the times and trust me these are just one or two observations that I mentioned here, you can come up with many. Never make the cardinal mistake of watching these movies alone....

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jini said...

outrageously hilarious is how i would describe 'Red rose'. It's a case of a brilliant and time tested theme gone haywire due to the direction and characterization. But talking about good themes gone wrong guess you should try watching 'The Train' a recent flop starring Emraan Hashmi. It is the c-grade remakeof the English flick 'Derailed'. Watch it and then just try comparing. u'll die laughing!!!