Thursday, May 8, 2008

Caught off-guard....completly

The shirt with multi-coloured fishes printed all over suddenly, caught her attention, it fascinated her.......she examined it for sometime and asked me why the fishes are out of water and not moving! I told her they were printed, so doesn't make a difference anyway! ' if printing things makes all the difference', she muttered....clearly I failed to convince her.

Now she wanted to know why was the second shelf in the cloth rack empty.! 'To let kids get inside and play', I said...... she wanted to get inside and see for herself. I warned her, if you get inside once you cannot come out. She was going out with her family, so she decided not to risk going in....

She wanted to know where was I headed, I said the same place where she was. 'I am going bowling', she declared, daring me, now what do you have to say? 'I will go with you' I said.....'do you know what it is and how is it done' was written all over her face. I had absolutely no clue about any blowing alleys in Delhi.....I bet she read my confused expressions!!!

Suddenly she had another thought, how will you go there? 'I will go with you' I chance she counters, papa is driving, mama sits next to papa, dadi, Puneet bhaiya, Rishu and I sit at the back, so there is no space for me! She has a valid point here, so I suggest she I can take her place and she can sit on my lap. No ways she do that!

I suggested that I could follow her in another car. She looked around for sometime searching for some divine intervention to keep me out of her plans with her family........... .and suddenly she had it!!!! She turned and told me why don't you get inside the clothes rack........huh, serves me right for so much of arguing and putting ideas into a kid's mind....!!!!!

Btw...never got across asking her name!!!


Gaurav said...

hmmm...nice first visit on your blog n wondering y i didnt visit this b4..anyways keep writing.!!

nefariousoutlook said...

nice post!! simple and elegantly put ..thanks for dropping by!!

will keep visiting ..nice blog!!

Anonymous said...

Oh..its gud..really gud...First time i am totally bumped...i have to go thru it twice to see what the hack is goin on in your mind...Truly Its a very nicely written :)

C R D said... say the drandest things..and they manage to get the better of us adults on many ocassions [:p]

keep writing

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S.Ghosh said...

hey thats very sweet post...i wonder what happens to these kids when they grow up (they becomes us :P)

nicely put