Thursday, October 16, 2008


Ok....this report is lifted straight from TOI, I circulated it among some colleagues and friends and got some very interesting responses. Just wanted some more views on this, so put it up here.

My take on this, it is plain revolting....ewww, what happened to manliness!! As Sukanya aptly puts it 'since when did guys begin to have great legs, Huhhhh???' The pictures were too revolting to put here....people have threatened to kill me for that :(

Here goes the report,

Mantyhose: A must-have for men

Men have invaded ladies' fashion domain a little further, for after 'man-bras' and 'manscara' the latest must have for men is "mantyhose." "Mantyhose"or pantyhose for men have become a popular sheer garment from truck drivers to cowboys.

A self confessed male hosiery-wearer, Harisnya is so passionate about the issue he set up e-MANcipate, a website which he says aims to "accelerate the acceptance of male pantyhose as a regular clothing item".

The website offers men a step-by-step guide on how to wear pantyhose without damaging it. Harisnya declares that the website, based in the United Kingdom, is "as serious as fashion can be". He is adamant that both males and females should be allowed to wear the sexy sheer garment.

"Men have great legs and hosiery is a great way to show them. It's quite practical in some ways. It prevents chafing, for example, when horse riding or cycling, but it's also a good alternative to bulky underwear if you need some warmth," quoted Harisnya, as saying.

"Going to work on a cold autumn day in regular trousers with 20 denier hose underneath helps to avoid getting cold. Plus you won't ever have to worry about loosing or matching your socks. It's fun, but no joke,"he added.

The men's pantyhose come with a "male comfort panel"that better fits a man's shape, and sometimes offers a convenient fly opening.

Harisyna's love of pantyhose is backed up by testimonials from truck drivers who swear by nylon hosiery for its circulation benefits and cowboys who don them under their Levi's for warmth.

He believes that men's pantyhose is an easy way to dress differently.
"Not all men like to hide in grey uniformed clothes. It's an easy way to dress differently, pairing the colour or pattern of your pantyhose to the rest of your clothes just like you do with the colour or pattern of your tie.
"It's relatively easy, too, as hosiery goes easily with almost every kind of shorts and shoes,"he said.

The e-MAN-cipate campaign is the push for companies to produce pantyhose made specifically for men.

"Don't buy female pantyhose at all. Don't strengthen those companies who don't produce/sell male pantyhose. Buy male pantyhose. Do help with your purchasing power to those who are on your/our side,"said the website.


Sam said...


Sujoy Bhattacharjee said...

Whatever is weird is fashion. Isn't it?
About the DBS, KES thing...I had an intuition that you had something to do with Kohima.
BTW, I am from Chandmari English School.

Anonymous said...

A pic of a man with the fashion-wear would have made more stronger statement:)

Manish Asani said...'ve got to kidding me! I knew my friends to be cross dressers, but this goes way beyond!

Ayesha said...

Yeah totally gay!!!

Do you think I shud add CES to that list of schools who wanted to be seen with LFS gals?!...:)

trust me the pics are too revolting to be put here....

May be this is the new age man's fashion......minus all the manliness!!!

Sujoy Bhattacharjee said...

I still believed in birds and bees in those days to really notice ....but I guess gals from our own school sufficed...and LFS was too far way anyway.

Mita said...

Eww!!!! What has become of men? Why would they want to wear mantyhose? They don't have to show off their legs? DO they?:)

Anonymous said...

Have these guys not heard of 'Long johns'? It's a non-sense excuse for justifying wearing 'Pantyhose'! Crazy men. Someone please introduce these guys to 'Long johns'!!! They keep you warm you know...

Anonymous said...

There is nothing gay about men wearing tights or pantyhose. Besides, men wore them in the Middle Ages. To say that a guy wearing pantyhose is "gay" means that you don't even know what the meaning of gay is.