Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ahhhh that feeling…..

I must have been in class 3 or 4…….don’t remember exactly! All I remember is this happened while I was studying in the neighborhood school where I studied till class 4 before getting admitted to LFS. The teacher was talking about India’s neighboring countries in the Social Studies class. The conversation naturally veered towards the President and Prime Minister of those countries.

“Who is the Prime Minister of Pakistan?” she asked the girl sitting in the front bench. Not having a clue about the answer, she stared mutely at the teacher. Not getting a reply, she asked the next girl and got a similar response. She got blank stares from all the students she put the question to.

I was sitting the back bench….( I was a backbencher for most of my school life) I knew the answer, so I was waiting for my turn, but I never expected that none of the students in the class could come up with the correct answer. It was around that time that the then PM of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto was in news…..probably she was elected the first women PM of Pakistan or something like that!

When my turn came, I answered the question. Even after my answering it, nobody in the class could get it right. The teacher told the class…..It is shocking, in a class of about 50 she is the only one who could answer the question correctly. So from today onwards she is the queen and all of you are her slaves…..:), you will listen to whatever she tells you….the teacher made the whole class stand the entire period and I was the only one sitting down, naturally I could not stop my ear to ear grin!!!

Ahhh…the joy and pride that I felt then nothing has ever matched up to my feelings of that day till date. But I live in the hope that someday something bigger might happen that might surpass all the feelings that I had experienced that day…!!!

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raindrops said...

I can very well relate to your experience..there are small occasions in life where experiences like these makes you elated and you feel you are looking at the world with tinted glasses..I bet...nothing can beat those small isolated feelings of joy... i liked reading your post...