Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Some Judgment, huh…@#%#$!!

The Supreme Court yesterday gave the verdict that a mentally challenged girl who is pregnant (after being raped) can give birth to the child and it is the responsibility of the state to look after the baby. Apparently she was raped by two caretakers of the shelter house in Chandigarh where she was kept by the STATE. Hell they could not even come up with the name of the father of the baby and the court expects that the state will look after the child!

The counsel for the victim apparently pleaded "A child is not allowed to be born; a woman has to come to the court with a plea to allow her to have her baby". When pointed out to the judges that the victim is not in a position to take care of her and is unable to understand the concept of pregnancy and subsequent birth of a baby, the judgment said “Nature has its own methodology”, ya rite!!

According to psychiatrists her mental age is between seven and nine years with an IQ of children in that age group. I wonder how her counsel came to the conclusion that the victim wants the child to be born! How can the STATE take care of the victim and its child when she was raped in the very institution where the STATE had put her in!

I am scared very scared to think what will happen now both to the mother and the child. What future will the child have? What is the guarantee that the victim will not be raped again by a sick pervert? What happens to the person who raped her? Will all this madness and chaos ever stop???

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