Thursday, March 1, 2007

Shed a few Drops!!!

Tears, simply flow,
Sometimes without any reason,
and sometimes reasons are plenty
its a wonderfeul reliever, when you are deeply hurt

Cry a bucket and move is good to cry,
you do not have to shy away from it and GUYS u can also cry, it is ok!!!
Remeber your tears are precious and every Tom Dick and Harry does not deserve it,
Shed tears for someone who is dear to you, they deserve it.........its just ok to cry!!!


Alok said...

It is right that tears are simply flow.

Its may be flow when u are so glad or so sad. But in both cases it is always helpful to relax you.

I think every drop of tear is valuable for some one. So be careful when you about to weep.

Vivek said...

ya now im totally agree with ayesha. before the year 2005 i couldn't even think that i wud cry but ya in last few years i have realized the truth.
sometimes tears are more special than a smile, because a smile comes out for anyone but tears come out for someone really special.

ashutosh said...

Be aware For Tears.
These should not fall from eyes.
If these pearls fall down.
anybody cant picked up them again.
So always cheeeeeeeer's
But wat one can do......
Because there are thousands types of tears.
If you are happy then too these tears wait eyes.
If you are in Sorrow then too tears wait eyes.
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