Thursday, March 29, 2007

Why do we get attached???

Why is it so difficult to say Goodbye?? I just hate saying goodbye to anyone.
My roomie (Debarati's) mamaji was staying with us for the last two weeks and we had a blast!! He was a complete stranger to me, but somehwere somehow we connected. Everyday after going back home from work, it was like coming back to a place where someone is actually waiting for you!!! Eating together made me nostalgic and i had that feel of being in the midst of people again.

Staying away form family is hell, but soemtimes we just do things because this is the best thing to do, not because this is what we love to do. Life has many twists and turns and someone rightly says the grass is greener on the other side......if only people on the onter side knew about this. Mamaji went back today and we went to drop him off at the airport. While coming back something was missing and by the time i go back to my den after work, i m going to feel this even more. Hope Debarati will be back from office in time. Actually she has been coming so late these few days, m afraid i will forget how she looks :-)

As a rule i never go to see off any of my brothers, when they come home :-(. Yeah i love going to the airport to receive them :-).Thats much better

Got a text from a frien (Sona) this morning that says:

Being happy does not mean everything is perfect,
It means you have decided to see beyond the imperfections!!

Well as i said before no matter what happens, life just moves on!!!
It was gr8 to have mamaji staying with us!!!


Sanjay Mazumder said...

yes life alwayz moves on..... but sometimes it also feels like life has come to a stop when something wrong goes there or U lose someone and U are upset..... but as the greatest healer goes on working at the background.... so, gradually everything returns back to it's original momentum and makes the big ball rotate in a new pace....

Debarati said...

How very true! It's so difficult to say goodbye to those who really does matter to you, but as you said 'life must move on'.Sometimes, I wish, Why can't we get all the people together in the world that we really like and then just stay together? I guess that wouldn't work. Someone would leave. Someone always leaves. Then we would have to say good-bye.I hate good-bye's, they aren't good, rather I love hellos..........isn't it?

And, babz thanks for liking my mamaji:-). M sure the feeling is mutual.

Pensativo said...

"Why do we get attached": very interesting question.. and the irony is that it doesn't matter how hard we try or resist ourselves from this feeling but we never succeed coz we are human and humans are like that...

But there is one special thing hidden in this feeling. When sth or sbd is not with you, only then you realize their true value in your life. And missing people or moments shows that you really enjoyed them and they were precious for you.

But nothing stays with us for ever.
This journey of life goes through many stations, enjoy all the pleasures and move ahead.

All in all we should try to live in the moment :).