Tuesday, March 6, 2007


Today is one of those days u wish would just get over without tourturing yourself any further.....it is not that something is drastically wrong , but it is just one of those days, which you wish would get over soon.

Nothing excites me today, just want to go back home and collapse to bed....may b i m feeling too sleepy, donno. Last weekend i saw Nishabd, and when i come to office on monday get the news that my offfice has arranged for us to wtahc the same movie.....well i do agree that film is really well made, but i just can't sit through another session of Jiah's torn jeans, hot pants and never ending legs, phew!!Talk about timing, can anything be more wrong then this?? Wonder if they could arrange another movie for me :-)

Anyways i dont want to see any movie and don't want to do any more work.....just wnat to go back home. There are some days that become so boring and the funnny thing is that there is no reason for this!!!!

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