Tuesday, March 27, 2007

M Back!!!

Its been long...in fact it seems ages since i last wrote. Hve been pretty busy and now that the team has been knocked out ot the World Cup hopefully i will have some more time for all these :-) Huh Feels bad that the team is out, but the baseline is they played bad cricket and they do not deserve to be in the nxt round. Imagine a nation of billions not being able to produce 11 players who can play at the highest levels. Anyways now i can support NZ and SA guilt free!!!

Since the last few days i have been thinking how wonderful it wud b to remian a child and never grow up. I guess childhood is the best time of anyone's life and anyone would surely love to go back to that time again. How wonderful and simple life would be without all the complications that we face as we start growing up. When we were small we cud not wait to grow up and now we wish that we had never grown up and seen all that we have seen or exprienced till date.

Ah...if only wishes were horses, we would all ride it and achieve all that we want!!! Its been a long time since i watched a movie, will have to catch up with some flick real soon. Oh, i got a hike and now m feeling pretty excited abt this, it gives a heady feeling!!! Hope i will b regular now, since work load is a bit less these days!!!


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